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CSU to conduct burns along I-25

CSU to conduct burns along I-25

Beginning Wednesday, Colorado Springs Utilities will begin conducting agricultural burns along Interstate 25.  They will be focusing on the drainage ditches between the Ray Nixon Power Plant and the Pikes Peak International Raceway, just south of Colorado Springs.

"What it typically is, is burning of irrigation ditches and it's for water structures.  We're trying to reduce the amount of overgrowth of invasive species to keep the water flowing to the ranch," said Michael Myers, CSU wildland fire team chief coordinator.

He said by reducing the overgrowth, tumbleweeds and dead plants, the risk of spreading wildfires will also be reduced in these areas.   

Myers said there will be smoke visible from I-25; however the team will be implementing a smoke management plan. 

"Don't call 911.  Everybody has been notified.  In the event there is an issue, we'll take care of all the notifications.  Just please drive on by and try not to stop," said Myers. 

According to CSU, "the burns are being conducted with the permission and guidance from the Colorado Springs Fire Department and nine other agencies."

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