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CSU will take education-first approach in water restriction enforcement

Fees will follow for repeat offenders

Water Restriction Enforcement

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Utilities will focus on education before enforcing water restriction rules, a spokesperson said.

Starting Monday, customers can water for up to three hours twice a week. Residents in odd-numbered homes can water Tuesday and Saturday. Those in even-numbered homes can water Wednesday and Sunday. Businesses can water Monday and Friday.

For some customers, the rules won't be difficult to follow.

"I think it's fine because I only water twice a week anyway and at nighttime," Mary Dillon said.

Those who don't follow the rules could face consequences. This is what happens when customers are caught breaking the rules:

- First violation: warning
- Second violation: $300 charge
- Third violation: $400 charge
- Fourth violation: $500 charge
- Fifth violation: CSU could limit water flow or disconnect service.

Residents said they think most people will follow the rules.

"I think people will adapt very easily," Gary Rombeck said. "I  think most people are very conscientious about what their water usage is."

A CSU spokesperson said they want to give customers breathing room and time to adjust to the restrictions. For the first 30 - 45 days, there won't be employees patrolling the streets. But there will be, after that initial education period. She said if they aren't meeting their water conservation goals, they will increase patrol and perform random checks.

According to CSU, during the last round of mandatory restrictions, most customers who initially broke the rules changed their behaviors after the first violation.

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