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Cub scouts mapping out school's future

Summit cub scouts are put on the map.

DIVIDE, Colo. - Summit Elementary School is making learning fun with a U.S. map.

They are doing it with a community project that Cub Scouts in Divide made for the school, on their playground.

Adam Lanucha is part of the troop who made the map.

"It's great to see people play on it and hear people talk about it," Lanucha said. 

The cub scout said creating the map was a lesson in itself.

"I learned where some of the states were and how big they were," Lanucha said.

Brenda Baker teaches at Summit.

She said the map was made with Pikes Peak in clear sight, and it was made into one huge learning tool.

She feels the students are smarter, because they are thrilled to learn geography on the outside map.

"They have the vocabulary, now they have their bearings about where things are, it's not just the learning but the excitement," Baker said.

Summit Principal Katie Rexford said the kids not only learn from the map, they also play on it.

"The map is being utilized throughout our recess time and throughout our classroom times," Rexford said.

Lanucha says he would be more than happy to work on more projects like this.

"I'd be really great if we could get a map on each playground in Colorado."

He might get his wish.

The troop has already been approached by other schools to get maps on their playgrounds.

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