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Cyber extortionists could be targeting you and your business

Keeping you cyber-safe

Cyber extortionists could be targeting you and your business

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - It's business as usual for Jeff Beauprez at Colorado Networks.  Among the blinking lights and a huge internet flow of information, Jeff's hard at work as a cyber-security strategist.  He's a high tech Sherlock Holmes.  He's been warning his clients and others about a new sophisticated variation of computer blackmail.  Jeff told me it's a virus that quickly encrypts files and folders.  You have to pay 300 dollars within a specific time period or the encryption keys are gone and so are your files. 

Beauprez told me this version of the Crypto Locker virus is much more sophisticated than he's seen before, "It uses a new type of encryption that is not normal.  It's something new that has been developed."  Two businesses have been targeted in Colorado.  One other company that is out of state has also been hit.  Jeff Beauprez got a call from an insurance company that wanted his expertise about one of these extortion attempts.  Beauprez tells me this may be a dress rehearsal targeting companies with this extortion and then move on to individual computer users. 

Beauprez says businesses are doing the obvious which includes putting updated anti-virus on all computers and work stations and not having users click on unknown attachment types in emails.  There is also something else that companies can do which is to buy what's called cyber insurance. It covers internet and data losses if you've been hacked.

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