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Cycling advocates offer safety advice

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Bikes make their comeback in the summer for many, but whether you're riding in the street or trying out mountain biking,  you should to keep safety in mind.

John Crandall is the owner of the Old Town Bike Shop in Colorado Springs, and he lovers bikes.

"You get to know you community a little more because you are out there," said Crandall.

The seasoned cyclist was hit by a car while on a morning bike ride four years ago.

"It was a true accident, a difficult situation," said Crandell.

He was seriously injured and his recovery took about two years, so safety is important to him. Some of his advice you might know, like wear a helmet, but what about wearing bright clothes? Crandall sells neon vests and jackets.

"I know some people think cyclists might do this just to appear flashy, but it is really survival, it is really just to be seen," said Crandall.

Mountain biking is big in Colorado Springs too. Allen Beauchamp is a cycling advocate, and he said mountain biking comes with a different set of challenges.

"People can get in over their heads if they are not careful," said Beauchamp.

He said it's important for mountain bikers to know the skill level required for the trail they're on.

"Make sure your equipment is in really good shape, and make sure you always wear a helmet, especially off road," said Beauchamp.

Drivers should be on the lookout for cyclists and give them at least 3 feet of room, and if you are riding your bike on the street, don't forget bikes have to follow traffic laws, too.

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