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D-2 Superintendent unveils vision for schools

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Students, teachers and parents have learned the new direction for Harrison School District 2.

Superintendent Andre Spencer unveiled his plan for the district Thursday.  Spencer has been on the job for three weeks following the departure of Mike Miles, who left the post for a superintendent job in Dallas.

Mr. Spencer introduced a 90-Day Plan for the district. That includes The Come Back to HSD2 Walk to kick off the district's new Engage, Educate, Employ (E3) program.

As part of E3, The Come Back to HSD2 Walk will give up to 100 former HSD2 students the chance catch up on credits for graduation, build a house from the ground up, and find job opportunities in the construction industry.

"By 2016, we will have 90 percent of our students graduating high school, with at least 70 percent college and career ready," said Spencer in a recent op-ed piece in the local paper. "This requires some support from parents and all other community representatives."

Spencer comes from the 205,000-student Houston Independent School District in Texas.

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