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Daughter, son remember father killed on the job

Daughter, son remember father killed on the job

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - Friends and family gathered Monday night to remember a man described as a father, a friend and a football fanatic.

Pedro Arrazola, 41, died in downtown Colorado Springs on Wednesday. Police say he fell 20 feet to the ground after a fire escape broke loose.

Arrazola's family held a visitation Monday night at Dove-Witt Family Mortuary in Fountain. Hundreds of people came to pay their respects to the family. Arrazola's 17-year-old son Samuel Carreno Cortez said people had a lot to say about his dad.

"People are telling me that all he talked about was us, me, my sister, all of us," said Samuel Carreno Cortez.  "It brings up my emotions for him. I know he loved me and us."

The news of her father's sudden death is still sinking in for 21-year-old Andrea Carreno Cortez.

"At times it feels like it didn't really happen," said Andrea Carreno Cortez. "Maybe he is just away on a very long trip and he is going to come back eventually."

Samuel Carreno Cortez said his father loved fútbol, soccer in Spanish, and American football. Friends and family doned Puma apparel in honor of Arrazola's favorite Mexican sports team.

"It was always like soccer, soccer, soccer. He would never get tired of watching it," said Andrea Carreno Cortez.

Arrazola coached a soccer team and also served as a referee with his son. His team canceled practice for the week to support the family as they grieve.

Andrea and Samuel Carreno Cortez said they have been overwhelmed by support from friends and the community.

"All the support hasn't really given us time to feel lonely yet,' said Andrea Carreno Cortez.

Arrazola adored his family. Arrazola left behind five children ages 21 to 15 months.  His job was the only source of income for the family. Andrea and Samuel Carreno Cortez said their dad was an excellent roofer and loved his job. It was the same job that would eventually cost him his life.

"He was very grumpy when he didn't get to go to work," said Samuel Carreno Cortez.

"He definitely liked it because he was good at it," said Andrea Carreno Cortez.

Samuel Carreno Cortez worries about the financial future for his family.

"It's a little bit scary. Because he left me obviously and I, being the oldest guy, have to put support for everyone," said Samuel Carreno Cortez. "My baby sister, she is basically going to be my daughter because she is not going to remember her father."

Andrea and Samuel Carreno Cortez don't know what's next for their family. The two said they know one thing is certain -- the Broncos have a cheerleader in heaven.

"If they win, my dad is going to be partying up in heaven," said Andrea Carreno Cortez.

A memorial fund has been set up for the family moving forward. It's at ENT Federal Credit Union under "Pedro Carreno Arrazola."

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