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Defense Attorney: Jury listened to councilman's testimony

Cañon City councilman guilty harassment; not guilty of 3rd degree assault, disorderly conduct

He was accused of assaulting two at-risk adults in Cañon City. The jury handed down the verdict last night against city councilman Michael Katchmar.

He was found guilty of harassment and not guilty of assault and disorderly conduct. Katchmar has always maintained his innocence. In June, he addressed city council about the incident.

I'm here before you to state my innocence, and ask that you reserve your judgment until all the facts are in," said Katchmar in June.

Shortly after the incident, we also talked to the victims. They didn't want to share their story on camer, but did show us their injuries.

70-year-old Robert Martin had stitches, black eyes and a swollen chin. His wife, 65-year-old Margene Martin, had a broken hip.

Michael 'Colby' Katchmar walked out of the courtroom very calmly with his wife. The jury deliberated for about four hours before they had a verdict.

They only found him guilty of harassment after getting into an argument with the Martins during a wine tasting event.

Katchmar's defense attorney says they've been clear since the start of the trial saying the Cañon City councilman did not get physical, but he did say inappropriate things to the Martins.

"Did the jury get the facts right? Absolutely they got the facts right. Is he going to pay a consequence for having said something rude to Margene Martin? Absolutely, but he's not going to pay a consequence for something he did not do," said defense attorney Roger Larsen.

"It was kind of a shock the whole incident. It was unfortunate, but it was good they found him not guilty of the assault charges," said Cañon City Resident Eric Hovland.

Katchmar will be back in court on March 12 for sentencing. He faces anything from a small fine to a few months in jail.

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