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Demand is high for recreational marijuana in Pueblo

Demand remains high for legal marijuana

PUEBLO WEST, Colo - A little cheer rises from the crowd of over 50 people packed into Marisol Therapeutics almost every time a customer walks away from the counter with a brown bag.  Inside each bag, some of the first legal recreational marijuana.

"I wanted to be here today, this is a groundbreaking historical day," said Tim Omara who said he waited for 6 ½ hours to buy his cannabis.

"Very liberating for some of us that have been around the scene for quite awhile…it's a day we weren't sure was going to happen," Omara said.

Workers at the store in Pueblo West report close to 5-thousand customers for the first day.

Some waiting hours in line reflected back to the times they got arrested for less weed than they are now allowed to legally purchase.

"I was smoking a joint in my car and I got into trouble," said Bobby Knifehawk Johnson.

Johnson said he recently moved to Colorado.

"It's going to domino, it's going to domino within a couple years and more and more states are going to do it because they're going to realize hey, it's just like alcohol but people don't die from it," Johnson said.

At Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, the first baby of 2014 was born at 10:20 New Years Day.  Weighing in at 7 pounds and stretching 19-inches, Prudencio Cope is the first of a new generation in Colorado that will grow up where recreational marijuana is legal.

"Things are changing," Cuarto Cope, his father said.

Thousands willing to wait in line a few hours after waiting a lifetime for legal cannabis.

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