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Denver Broncos fans feeling blue

Broncos fans feeling blue

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Blue Monday.  Denver Broncos fans have now experienced five of those after the Orange got crushed the day before in the Super bowl.

"It's lingering.  It's lingering.  You're just kind of in shock that it was such a blowout," said disappointed fan Bryan Reuer.

Shock, embarrassment, disappointment…all feelings licensed professional counselor Erin Fowler said is common after a major defeat in football.

"We get a lot of pleasure from football.  I get a lot of pleasure from football.  We have a lot of fun with it and of course it's natural to be upset and sad when something we care about is over," Fowler said.

Fowler says fans should talk about the game but not focus on the negative.

"When we continue to focus on the things that are negative, it's going to feed that anger," Fowler said.

She says while feeling of sadness and frustration are normal, it's not if it begins to interfere in daily life and work.  Fowler says that's when you should seek professional help.

The best way to get over it…is to look ahead.

"Look forward to the things to come.  Get together with friends and talk about the successes the team has had.  Get ready for next year," Fowler said.

Denver Broncos fans have had to do that for 15 years.  Maybe next year it will be different.

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