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Deputies: Burglars targeting Pueblo West schools

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - Two schools, two burglaries and deputies say they think the same two people are responsible.

The first break-in happened on March 30, 2014. Deputies say that two people broke into Liberty Pointe Elementary School in Pueblo West just after midnight. They say the pair stole several items valued at over $500. They were again caught on video walking the halls of the school 24 hours later.

Just after midnight on April 16, 2014, investigators say they believe the same pair broke into Swallows Charter Academy, also in Pueblo West. Deputies say they stole some money from a desk inside the office before being chased away by a custodian. Less than an hour later the sheriff's office believes they broke into Liberty Pointe Elementary a third time. They immediately left when alarms started going off.  

"All District 70 Schools have surveillance systems and school officials have been a great partner in this investigation. They have given us the video from these crimes and have made their staff and schools available to us," said Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Captain David Lucero, "Unfortunately, there isn't much to go on in the video or at the schools so our next steps depend on the citizens in our community. We believe there might be enough detail in the clothing the two have been wearing during the burglaries that someone might recognize them and call us. It is also likely the two have talked about these crimes to others, we'd like to hear from those people too."

The two are believed to be males in their late teens, between 5'07" and 6' tall and weighing between 125 and 175 pounds. They wear dark clothing during the break-ins, including black shoes with white soles. One carries a grey and black pack and the other carries a black backpack with a bright, almost neon green piece of tape or cloth on the top of one shoulder strap. Additionally, one wears a dark grey hoodie with a skull, possibly a "SkullCandy" logo on the front, and the other wears a mask that has a smile or grin painted on in white.

Anyone with information on these burglaries is asked to call the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office at 719-583-6250 or Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 719-544-STOP (7867).

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