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Deputy says morale is low at EPCSO

Deputy says morale is low at EPCSO

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - El Paso County Commissioners were clear about their unanimous vote of no-confidence for Sheriff Terry Maketa.

"It's not the morality of this particular issue.  Our concern is from our role and our oath is to make sure we have a functional environment," said Commissioner Darryl Glenn.

"I'm concerned about the operations at the Sheriff's Office and the Sheriff's ability to lead," said Commissioner Sally Clark.

A veteran deputy, just a couple of years from retirement, spoke with KRDO on the condition of anonymity.  He says he fears for his job.

The Deputy describes Sheriff Maketa as a man who he admires.  He sings Maketa's praises for pushing the ballot initiative 1A that led to additional staffing and equipment.

"Deputies are no longer working by themselves with 100 felons or on patrol by themselves," the Deputy said.

But the Deputy paints a picture of an agency with low morale, where people work on pins and needles.  This latest controversy he says has hit at the hearts and minds of the hundreds who work for the EPCSO.

"We're the ones who are truly on the receiving end of the negative outlook.  It's very sad and it's embarrassing," the Deputy said.

Near tears with emotion, the Deputy says he would have voted the same way as the commissioners.

"It hurts and it hurts badly, but I do agree with them.  He's a good man; he just made a bad decision.  But you've got 780-some other people that are truly being affected by this that had nothing to do with it," the Deputy said.  "We're coming up on seven or eight months and nothing is going to be fixed between now and then with our current administration."

The Deputy was adamant that even with a leadership void, the men and women at EPCSO will do their jobs.

"We're going to survive, we're still going to function whether some people are in place or not," the Deputy said.

He says he doesn't expect the Sheriff to make an apology, but he hopes he will at least make a statement to his employees because the silence, he believes, is only making things worse.

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