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Despite meeting conservation goal, water storage is low

Despite meeting conservation goal, water storage is low

Colorado Springs Utilities enforced water restrictions during the summer months in an effort to save $5.8 billion gallons of water.

On Thursday, this goal was met.

Ann Seymour, water conservation manager with CSU, said the recent wet weather helped customers meet this goal.

"What the rain and precipitation has done is it has caused customers not to use as much water here in town locally," she said.

Seymour explained that while the rain has decreased demand, it has not increased supply.  She said the majority of the water used by CSU customers comes from snowmelt.

She said CSU would like to retain a two-year supply of water in the reservoirs.  Currently, there is about 1.8 years of water.

It is important to continue to conserve throughout the winter to help avoid having to enact water restrictions again next summer.

CSU customers are still under water restrictions, but beginning on Oct. 1 customers can water at any time of the day on their designated days.

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