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Despite weekend wins, Sanders with uphill climb to catch Clinton

Can Sanders catch Clinton?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders believes he has the wind at his back after big victories this weekend.

"I believe we have the momentum, we have a path to victory," Sanders said.

However, Hillary Clinton remains the strong favorite.

Colorado Springs resident Joe Harmon is a delegate and a fervent Sanders supporter.

"When he's talking, I'm like finally, he said it," Harmon said. "Other people dance around the issues, but he says it like it is."

Former U.S. Army Col. Vicki Warren backs Secretary Clinton.

"She has infinite knowledge about what it takes to be commander-in-chief," Warren said. "She has the experience, she has the background. she's been down all these roads less traveled by someone who decided six months ago he was a Democrat."

The next Democratic primaries on the calendar are Wisconsin April 5 and New York April 19.

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