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Dirt roads infuriate people in Pueblo West

Dirt roads infuriate people in Pueblo West

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. - It's a dirty problem that is leaving people in Pueblo West frustrated.

Every time there is a strong wind or a car that drives on a dirt road dust clouds are created and people like Carl Brower are left in the dust.

"That was supposed to be paved 10 years ago. They never went and did it," he said.

The outside of his home and his backyard are constantly covered in dust, which led him to stop cleaning.

"I just couldn't keep it up because of the the dust, so I just let it go," Brower said.

He is one of the many people dealing with unpaved roads throughout Pueblo West.

Interim Pueblo West Public Works Director Brian Caserta said he would like to fix the problem by paving all the roads, but the money isn't there to do it.

"Folks have to remember they live in unincorporated Pueblo County and that's Pueblo West. There is only so much money that goes through the Highway Users Fund that allows us to do road maintenance," he said.

Pueblo West  Public Works annual budget is a little more than $2 million. Caserta said it cost about $1 million to pave a road.

He said workers at the department have to decide what's important to fix, since they are on a limited budget. They're top priority is taking care of the main roads in Pueblo West.

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