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Disagreement continues over money to repair potholes

Disagreement continues over available pothole money

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The disagreement continues on whether or not there is money available to repair potholes in Colorado Springs - without requesting emergency funds.

On Wednesday, the Citizen Advisory Committee of the Pikes Peak Rural Transformation Authority heard from its board's secretary. He explained the amount of money accounted for for maintenance projects in Colorado Springs.

"We're just trying to get an answer of what funds are there, how much is available and make sure the potholes are fixed using PPRTA funds," said Tom Harold, chair of the PPRTA Citizen Advisory Committee.

The number is question is $5,091,000. The PPRTA said that's the amount of money budgeted for maintenance that the city didn't use in 2013. Council President Keith King told KRDO NewsChannel 13 last week, that leftover money could be used to fix potholes.

"The numbers are what the numbers are," PPRTA Board Secretary Robert MacDonald said. "We have $5.1 million that we can't tie to invoices for work done in 2013, it's as simple as that."

City officials say that money is already planned for other maintenance projects.

"PPRTA only tracks actual dollars spent in each calendar year.  Whereas the City has mechanisms in place that encumber funds, such as contracts, purchase orders, task order agreements, and in some cases commitments for federal grant match - all of these items can flow year to year," a spokesman said in an email. "PPRTA does not track these items in their financial system, therefore, the 'carryover' amount holds little meaning with respect to 'available funds.'  The City plans many years ahead for each of the categories of spending, therefore, even if every dollar for a project or category is not expended fully in a calendar year, the funds are encumbered, programmed or designated. "

The PPRTA said it deals with contracts, not plans. Harold said the CAD will advise the PPRTA board to push the city for more information on their available funds and how they spend them.

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