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Distracted driving simulator now available for teens and adults

Distracted Driving Simulator

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Drive Smart Colorado is working to stop distracted driving with its new distracted driver simulator.

You can program your phone to the simulator to text and drive to test your reaction to different scenarios. For example: dogs run out in front of the car and you have to look out for pedestrians while the computer tells you to text.

"It's just a reminder that if I make that decision to take that call on I-25 or on Powers Boulevard, that I'm running the risk of injuring somebody else or injuring myself or my own family," said State Farm Agent Tim Hough.

State Farm provided a $15,000 grant to Drive Smart Colorado to buy the simulator.

"Some people are very experiential learners. We hope that this will create the experience that they need to prove to them that they are not able to multi-task at that level," said Drive Smart Colorado Executive Director Maile Gray.

Drive Smart is taking its simulator to schools across the state to teach teens the dangers of distracted driving.  It's also available for groups and organizations.

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