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District refuses to explain why teacher accused of sexting kept her job

District refuses to answer why accused teacher kept her job

PUEBLO, Colo. - Administrators in Pueblo City Schools refuse to explain why a teacher was allowed to keep working nearly a year after parents and students said they complained she was sexting with students.

Former South High School teacher Larisa Oringdulph resigned Nov. 7 after she told police she kissed a student. Her husband said she resigned "for personal reasons."

Police records from October indicate Oringdulph sent pictures of herself in a thong to at least two students.

According to police reports, parents told South High School principal Aaron Bravo that Oringdulph was having an inappropriate relationship with their son. Bravo told those parents he'd start an investigation. KRDO called Bravo to find out if that ever happened, but he hung up.

KRDO contacted superintendent Dr. Maggie Lopez and assistant superintendent Dr. Brenda Krage but they refused to answer questions. KRDO asked to speak with Lopez and Krage during a reception Tuesday. They didn't answer questions. Lopez and Krage stepped aside and waited for District 60 spokesman Scott Jones.

Jones said, "The district is declining all further comment."

When KRDO asked Jones why the district was declining to comment, Jones replied, "Because that's what's in the statement."

Jones was referring to a statement he released on Thursday. KRDO has made numerous attempts since then to get answers.

Administrators refused to answer questions, but school board member Rose Holloway spoke.

"As a board member, we were given minimal information. All we knew was that a teacher had been suspended and that was two weeks ago and we didn't know why," Holloway said. "We were told a teacher resigned. That's it. We didn't know why. What was going on? Anything like that."

As Holloway spoke to KRDO and its news partner The Pueblo Chieftain, the district's lawyer, Richard Bump, asked to speak with Holloway.

Holloway is an elected official yet we heard her ask Bump, "We can't say that?"

KRDO is working to figure out why Oringdulph was allowed to continue teaching five weeks after police began their investigation.

Even though police say Oringdulph didn't commit a crime, ethical questions haven't been answered.

KRDO has tried to speak with Oringdulph but her husband said she has no comment.

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