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Divine Redeemer Catholic School students reaching out to community

Helping others with a miracle mile of hope

Helping others with a miracle mile of hope

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - There is a Miracle Mile that's been drawn out at Divine Redeemer Catholic School.  It translates to 5,280 feet of food and hope for about 150 families.  They rely on the school's food pantry to help them when they're going through difficult budget choices.

Brayden Adams is an eighth grader at Divine Redeemer and President of the Junior Booster Club.  He knew his position as president means doing what it takes to help our community.  He told me, "It's important in our community to help those who need food.  I think our students are very excited to help out.  They know it will take 35 feet of food per student."

Tricia Faber is Divine Redeemer's Athletic Director.  She is the one who came up with the idea of a Miracle Mile.  She believes it teaches student athletes and everyone a very special lesson, "It's not about glory on the court.  It's about reaching out in the community and being a hero in someone's eyes other than for your athletic ability.  No matter what age you are, you need to give back to someone. There's always someone less fortunate."

Divine Redeemer Catholic School hopes to have its now mini-mountain of non-perishables grow to that mile long miracle of giving by October 16th.  I've put more information on how you can help on our Hot Button section which is in our Big Stories.

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