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Does the supernatural play a role in sports? Half of Americans think so

Some sports fans counting on supernatural power

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Half of American sports fans believe a supernatural power is at play in sports, according to a recently released survey.

It was conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute. It noted that fans pray for their team to win, believe their team has been cursed at some point or participate in some type of pregame or game time ritual.

Some Broncos fans said they see some validity to it.

"I wouldn't rule that out," Jeremy Buck said. "So I'd probably be in the statistic that says yes, that's possible."

"I believe when you pray, God answers your prayers," Alma Mendoza said. "I'm pretty sure a lot of people are going to pray, so I'm sure we're going to win."

Not everyone is a fan of the idea, including Rabbi Melvin Glazer, of Temple Shalom.

"The God that I pray for cannot be bought," he said. "{He) cannot be influenced, even by prayer."

He said he understands fans' fervor, but he doesn't think God listens to prayers asking for a team to win. Fans might need a different strategy.

"I think you just got to play good football," Brian Thompson said.

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