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Dogs help in fight against bed bugs

Dog Sniffs Out Bed Bugs Before Infestation Sets In

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Pest control companies in Colorado are using dogs to find bed bugs.

In the past eight months, pest control company Orkin, has been working with May, a three-year-old German Shepard. May has been trained to sniff bed bugs' scent, in the same way that narcotics and bomb-sniffing dogs are trained.

"She's trained that  when she gets that one specific odor, that she's going to sit down and do her alert," said Mike Collins, who works with May.

Collins and May inspect homes or hotels where there is suspicion of bed bugs and to verify that there aren't any more bugs after a treatment. Collins said dogs aren't always 100 percent accurate, but they are pretty close.

"The chance of me finding it are really low, like less than ten percent," Collins said. "The chance of her finding it are really high, like around 90 percent."

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