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Doherty student group aims to stop bullying

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Arapahoe High School shooting is prompting Colorado Springs teenagers to put an emphasis on stopping bullies.

One of those programs is being developed by teens at Doherty High School in Colorado Springs.

"I think with more programs like this where we talk to students about how we can help each other and build a community in Colorado, it could of helped save someone's life," said Kelsey Kanatzar.

Claire Davis, 17, was shot point-blank in the school shooting. She died Saturday after a little more than one week in a coma.

According to investigators, Davis was not the intended target of the attack by fellow classmate Karl Pierson. The Arapahoe County sheriff said she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Investigators believe Pierson was bullied by peers and had a grudge against a teacher who had disciplined him in September.

Students across Colorado have shown immense sympathy and support for the Arapahoe High community since the shooting.  Doherty High students believe they can show that support before violent incidents like this occur.

"I think that's the best support, students helping students, because I know it's really hard for students to reach out to adults," said Kanatzar.

The Doherty group shared their presentation with Jenkins Middle School students and are hoping they can share it with other schools as well.

"They can impact their school culture," said David Pratt, a school resource officer. "To have these kind of role models stand up in front of the sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade classes and model what high school students can be like, it's priceless."

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