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Dollars and cents from flooded out conventions and weddings

Helping those affected by the flooding

Dollars and cents from flooded out conventions and weddings

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - So far, phones aren't ringing off their hooks in Colorado Springs for convention and wedding business that can't be held in northern Colorado counties hit hard by flooding.  The Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau Vice President of Sales, Pam Sherfesee tells me she has reached out to her counterparts in the convention industry saying, "I don't want to press them and look like I'm chasing them. They didn't do the same thing with us when we had our share of floods and fires. We gently reached out and said, I'm here if you need me. "

Sherfesee says that she has personally spoken with two groups that were talking about relocating their conventions in Colorado Springs.  One of them wasn't the right fit because of size and availability in local hotels. The other is still a work in progress, "Another group, a religious group has reached out and they are looking at six different destinations in Colorado and we happen to be one of them.  It's going to be in October."

Nikki Hudson is Director of Sales and Marketing at the Mining Exchange at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in downtown Colorado Springs.  Her facility hasn't gotten a call yet, "while our hearts go out to them.  There is not a lot that we can do to help them, especially during the weekends." Availability is tight because this is the peak of the season that runs from April till October.  Hudson says the rooms are full with convention goers and wedding parties. 

Pam Sherfesee with the Convention and Visitors Bureau also believes that so far, the full extent of the tragedy on the tourism industry has yet to be fully assessed in Northern Colorado, "All of a sudden when they realize,  you know that we are not in the open, they are going to start reaching out.  Our counterparts know that we are there and ready to help them if we can."

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