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Domestic ducks and geese at risk

Deep freeze fears

Domestic ducks and geese at risk

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Wildlife experts are worrying about what could be a terrible ending for some domestic ducks and geese dumped at Southern Colorado ponds and lakes. 

Wildlife Expert Scott Coddington and I were at Memorial Park Lake.  It was a fact finding mission to find domestic ducks and geese on the semi frozen pond.  We saw some big plump white ducks which are the domestic kind.  Coddington told me, "They're too big and too heavy to fly.  Their wings are too small.  That's why people have them as pets."

However, those same bird lovers dump them on lakes and ponds when the care of the birds gets too much for them.  Coddington tries to save them, "I'm lucky to get there in time.  Sometimes, I see a pile of feathers where a fox, coyote or someone's dog gets a hold of them.  

Coddington told me he'll be back to Memorial Park to save those white domestic ducks.  He's also heading to Quail Lake to do the same rescue.  

Recently he and others grabbed some domestic ducks and geese out of a Fountain area pond.   He is getting ready to transport them to a wildlife rescue in Bennett, Colorado.  If you'd like to help him, call him at 719-331-7380.

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