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Don't get high and drive ads coming to Colorado

CDOT received $430,000 grant for marijuana and driving campaign

Don't get high and drive ads coming to Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Our state is getting $430,000 to tell you not to get high and drive. The Colorado Department of Transportation is receiving the money from the federal government.

It's nothing we haven't seen before: the effects of drinking and driving through campaign ads to stop drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Now, CDOT will be showing us the effects of getting high and driving.

"Our main message to folks is if you drive high, you can get a DUI," said CDOT spokesperson Emily Wilfong.

"Excellent idea. It's definitely a no brainer," said driver Mackenzie Dean.

"I think it's very important," said driver Jeff Garcia.

Since recreational retail marijuana shops opened their doors, CDOT wants to make sure we stay safe on the roads. They say the drunk driving campaigns work.

"We've seen less fatalities in 2013 than we saw in 2013. We would like to think that part of that is because of the educational awareness that we do," said Wilfong.

You will see and watch the message on TV  and possibly at dispensaries in hopes that you won't end up in the driver's seat if you're high.

"I think people need to understand it's just as bad to be driving while impaired smoking marijuana as it is drinking and driving," said Garcia.

$430,000 from the U.S. Department of Transportation will pay to educate everyone about marijuana and drinking.

"Maybe with more information, they'll realize that's not a good idea," said driver Blake Lock.

"If someone was smoking pot and hit somebody and the next time they smoke pot and see an ad, maybe they'll think twice," said Dean.

CDOT will release the ads against driving while high in March.

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