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Downtown Olympic Festival holds inspiring message

Downtown Olympic Festival holds inspiring message

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Downtown Colorado Springs, rocking with an athletic spirit.
The Olympic Downtown Celebration brought hundreds to meet athletes, and learn a message about Olympic spirit.
From the music, to some Broncos and pogo competitions.
"This is the opening of the state games of America," said John Register, Community Outreach Specialist with U.S. Olympic Committee. "Closing out the ceremonies all around the world."
The cauldron for the state Olympic games is now lit and the celebration of all sports began.
But with the food and festivities, also comes inspiration, especially from Register, who is a paralympian himself.
"I went across a hurdle, dislocated my left knee, severed the artery, five days later I'm an amputee.  I got back up, it equaled my freedom, my liberation," he said.
Register swam through rehabilitation and 18 months later, he started a path of competitions worthy of awe.
"Eighteen months after I lost my leg, I saw athletes competing. Four years later, I win the Sydney American long jump, silver medal. Go USA!" he said.
Similar stories may be found among paralympic and Olympic athletes alike.
A story some learned in the midst of a big celebration Friday night.

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