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Dozens of cars trapped on Hwy 24 as road turns to river

Dozens of cars trapped on Hwy 24 as road turns to river

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - About a dozen vehicles were trapped on Hwy 24 Wednesday when a flash flood swept a wall of water, mud and debris over the highway.

Christine and Katie Hensley were driving down the road when their day trip took an unexpected turn.

"It hit us like a wall," Christine said.  "It went from inches to feet within three to five seconds."

The Hensleys' Ford Escape was swept away in the flood waters, traveling an estimated 1/8 of a mile before coming to rest on the median.

"You think you can try to stop the car, but you can't stop the car," Hensley said.  "It was a boat at that time."

Christine and Katie waited in their SUV until the flood subsided and they could safely exit their vehicle.  Everyone stuck in the dozen or so trapped vehicles were able to get out safely. 

Two pedestrians weren't as lucky.

Two people were sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after getting caught in Fountain Creek in Manitou Springs.  The Manitou Springs Fire Department is reminding people that when a flash flood warning is in effect, immediately seek higher ground.

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