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Dozens of first responders spend the weekend training to put out future fires

Fire Training in Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - 60 firefighters throughout Southern Colorado came to Colorado Springs, Saturday for hose management training.

First responders perfected their craft for that next call and the ones after that.

"With it, we're just more efficient," 16-year veteran Lt. Bruce Longton said. "We're able to get to the fight quicker and get to and solve the problem."

Some of the firefighters are new to their respective agency and they are learning from their mentors.

"To see this next generation carry on the tradition of always being the best, means a lot," Lt. Mark Romero said. Colorado springs will be in good hands.

More important than physical training with the hoses and nozzles - the team building this weekend provides.

"Our crews are more ready to respond than they were yesterday," Longton said. "They're more efficient than they were yesterday. They're more ready to do their duty than they were yesterday."

Seven different agencies from Southern Colorado took part in the training. The exercises were led by crews from Washington.

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