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Dozens of rescued pups looking for forever home

Rescued dogs looking for forever home

PEYTON, Colo. - Over the holiday weekend, volunteers with the National Mill Dog Rescue out of Peyton, Colo. were sent to rescue dozens of dogs from commercial dog breeding kennels, also known as puppy mills.

Around 60 dogs were rescued over the weekend and taken to Peyton to receive medical care. Several volunteers stepped up to help with the rescue, and some were waiting at the National Mill Dog Rescue facility with open arms.

A post made by the organization said in part:

"All of these dogs are now safe in our care, receiving clean water, healthy food, the veterinary treatment they so desperately need, and beginning to learn about love and life outside the cage."

One of the volunteers even left with a new family member. A little Shih Tzu named Birdie was taken in by a man who already had four other dogs at home. So, the man not only gained a new dog, but that dog gained new siblings.

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A good chunk of the dogs rescued will have to be supervised for a short period of time before they will be deemed adoptable.

For more information on the dogs rescued, contact the National Mill Dog Rescue. The organization has saved more than 10,000 dogs since its opening.

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