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Dozens of sex offenders registered as homeless in Colorado Springs

Dozens of sex offenders registered as homeless in Colorado S

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Dozens of registered sex offenders are homeless in Colorado Springs and there is no law against it.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 found that out of 1,225 registered sex offenders in Colorado Springs, 62 of them are homeless and list street corners, parks or other general areas as their address.

Detective Rob Meredith with CSPD's sex offender unit told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that there is no residency law in Colorado for sex offenders.

"If the offender is no longer under any formal supervision, he can live wherever he wants to," Meredith said.  

At least two offenders are registered at America the Beautiful Park, including one who is labeled a Sexually Violent Predator.  At least five are registered behind the 8th Street Walmart.

Meredith said that a new law enacted in 2013 helps officers keep track of homeless sex offenders.  The offenders are now required to physically check in at CSPD's Police Operations Center either once a month or once every three months depending on their conviction.

"If they don't come in within a reasonable time around that scheduled date, then we'll pursue an arrest warrant for them for failure to verify their location," Meredith said.

In addition, officers also do home visits every time an offender changes address.

Desiree Gardner, a mother and Colorado Springs resident, was shocked to learn how many sex offenders were homeless in Colorado Springs.

"I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of parents don't know," Gardner said.  "You turn your eye for one second and it could all be over."

Meredith said they rarely see recidivism amongst registered sex offenders -- the most common offense is failing to register.  He asks residents to always be vigilant and to take note of the sex offenders who live in their area.  Click here to see a list of registered sex offenders in Colorado Springs.

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