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Dr. Chad Watts is the smile maker

Dr. Chad Watts is the smile maker

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Dr. Chad Watts is a smile maker who is making a difference in Southern Colorado. He's also our Wear Red Friday Hero. 

Dr. Watts is a former Air Force dentist-orthodontist at Rangwood Orthodontics and a member of the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation.  It helps needy children up to 18 years old with braces and help to get their mouths and lives back on track. 

Dr. Watts says he feels it's important to be part of this Foundation and help others, "I think a smile brightens up your every day."  Rocio Guiterrez is a 17 year old who is one of the young adults chosen to have her crooked teeth straightened and a forever smile put on her face with the orthodontic work.  Dr. Watts says, "I believe we are going to be changing Rocio's life and through the foundation she'll pay it forward and change someone else's life."

Before the process started for Rocio, she was interviewed to be one of the candidates and on the video she told Dr. Watts, "I didn't feel comfortable with my smile.  Now that I'm going to have a smile, I'm happy."

One of the requirements to get the braces and dental care is you have to do 10 hours of community service projects and that's where the pay it forward philosophy kicks in.   The Colorado Springs Smile for a Lifetime Foundation has already chosen and gotten started on fixing the smiles of four children.  There are eight spots left for this year.  Dr. Watts is making a difference in our community one smile at a time.  He shrugs off a label of being a Wear Red Friday Hero, "I'm just a guy trying to make a difference in his community."

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