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Dragon Man's wife killed by explosion

Accident was part of film shoot.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - 51 year-old Terry Flanell was killed Thursday evening, after a piece of explosive ordnance went off. The accident happened during the last 30 seconds of filming for a show that was supposed to go on The Military Channel in September.

Dragon Man Shooting Range owner, Mel Bernstein tells us that he, his wife, their daughter and his two brothers were supposed to walk through smoke that was set off by a smoke bomb.  He says after it went off, "As soon as it went off phew, I felt something right here, like four inches from my stomach and right through my wife."  Bernstein, said, "All we had to do is walk through the smoke, 30 seconds, it was the end of the day. Who would think a stupid thing like this would happen."

Bernstein says he and his wife have been together for more than 30 years. 

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office and the feds are now investigating the legality of the smoke bomb which turned into more of a projectile and if any laws were broken to make the ordinance.

The Dragon Man facility off Curtis Road plays host to a popular shooting range, paintball facilities, and a war memorabilia museum. 

The owner, Mel Bernstein, has been the focus of documentary filmmakers in the past.  The History Channel was out in February, and featured Dragon Man's in an episode of Larry the Cable Guy's "Made In America". 

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