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Dry conditions are making winter-watering crucial

Dry conditions are making winter-watering crucial

Temperatures have been warm, and the moisture has been minimal this fall.  According to Jon Rick, owner of J. Rick Lawn and Tree, that means watering lawns is something most will need to continue to do all winter.

"If we're in the 50s and 60s, you should be watering once or twice a week," said Rick.

Rick said damaged lawns are characterized by looking dusty.  He said the blades of grass will be brittle and will break off easily.

Rick said neglecting to water your lawn could make it susceptible to mite infestation.  It could also cause the grass to die off completely. 

When this happens, the grass will need to be replaced during the springtime and Rick said this could be a pricey repercussion.

"Even that one day a month on that nice Saturday, when it's 65 degrees, dragging the sprinklers around can save you thousands come spring," he said.

Rick recommends watering your lawn once or twice a week.  He said once temperatures get colder in December, January and February lawns can be watered once or twice a month.

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