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Duststorm rips through Florissant, store roof collapses

Storm blows into Florissant, takes part of store's roof off

Florissant, Colo. - On what was a sunshine-filled day in Southern Colorado, a Florissant business owner and her employees are very thankful they are okay after an afternoon duststorm swept through and severely damaged part of their shop's roof, Monday.

"It's a pretty scary situation,"  Outpost Feed and Ranch Supply store owner, Ginger Bruvold said.

"It's just gorgeous out today," employee Bruce Miller said. "It hit us out of nowhere."

Around 12:30 p.m. this afternoon, a massive duststorm hit the Florissant business, taking a secondary wooden roof and all of the scraps with it.

All of the customers and employees were inside the store when the storm hit and they say of the tangible roofing materials can be replaced.

"Usually this parking lot is full of people," Bruvold said surveying the damage in front of the store. "And for some reason we only had one car out here. We were being taken care of."

Five seconds is all it took for Ginger Bruvold's livelihood to take a huge hit, but she knows it could have been worse. Bruvold and her feed store family have already begun to rebuild. She contacted her insurance. The store will remain closed through Tuesday and possibly longer.

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