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Early voting success continues

El Paso, Pueblo counties report two-thirds of vote already in

Early voting grows more popular

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - The popularity of two forms of early voting has eased stress for voters eager to see which candidates win, and county election officials who process results.

In El Paso County, officials said 190,000 of its 320,000 active voters had cast ballots as of last Friday -- by mail-in ballot or early voting at Citadel and Chapel Hill malls.

Officials said there were 160,000 mail-in ballots and nearly 30,000 early voters, about two-thirds of the total vote in the county.

County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams said mail-in voting has the potential to become even more successful.

"I know that our percentage of mail-in ballot voters is actually a little bit less than some of the other counties," he said.  "So I suspect that Arapahoe and Jefferson counties may be even farther along than we are, in terms of the vote.  We have 50,000 more mail-in voters than the last presidential election."

Williams said the popularity of early voting should reduce waiting times to vote at the polls on Election Day.  He said he realizes that many people still prefer the traditional method of voting at the polls on that Tuesday.

Pueblo County officials said their early voting percentages are similar to those in El Paso County.

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