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Economic impact of balloon classic leaving the Springs remains unknown

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado Balloon Classic will be flying in Colorado Springs for the last time this weekend. How this will impact the city remains a mystery.

The Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau said it relies on the attendance and economic impact to come from balloon classic organizers.

Balloon classic President Patsy Buchwald said it's hard to keep track of how much money and how many people come to the classic.

"We don't have a gatekeeper at our city limits that asks ,'Why are you in Colorado Springs ?' You don't have to say when you are checking into a hotel ,' Well I'm only here for this,'" she said.

Buchwald also said it's hard to keep count, since many people watch the balloon classic around the city and not specifically at Memorial Park.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau said even though numbers aren't tracked many people do come into Colorado Springs for the Labor Day weekend.

"You have the pilots coming to the area that aren't necessarily from here, there are people who are helping with the event, friends and families, there are people who follow these events around the country," spokesperson Chelsy Offutt said.

We asked the City of Colorado Springs how much of an impact the city would face with the balloon classic leaving. We are waiting to hear back from city officials.

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