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Edelweiss "bear-ly" can keep up with business

The benefits of a bear

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The dumpster diving and dumpster driving bear, caught on surveillance camera, created an sensation as the video went viral all over the world.

Edelweiss Restaurant, where the bear stole his bounty back in August, has never been busier. 

"Business last month increased by 25-percent, we were thrilled but it was almost more than we could handle," said Dieter Schnakenberg who manages the restaurant.

The kitchen doesn't have enough space to keep up.

"The kitchen is still back from 40 years ago.  It really is not meant or built to handle that kind of a crowd," Schnakenberg said.

So the family-owned restaurant has expansion plans in the works.  They want to grow the kitchen and bakery to three times its current size…bankrolled in part because of the bear.  The ironic part?

"This expansion is going to go out over where he stole the dumpster," Schnakenberg said.

Along with the new kitchen, there may be a new menu item: bear schnitzel.

"A 10 ounce schnitzel, we load it with different sauces and potatoes and vegetables, kind of like I would picture him eating out of the trash can," Schnakenberg said.

The restaurant hopes to have the expansion completed by next Mother's Day.

Schnakenberg says the bear hasn't been back since tack strips were placed on the dumpsters to discourage another easy meal.

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