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El Paso County Assessor faces campaign finance complaint in run to become Treasurer

Campaign finance complaint made against El Paso Assesor

The El Paso County Assessor faces a campaign finance complaint as he's now running to become County Treasurer.

Karon McCormick is an El Paso County Republican. She filed the complaint against republican Mark Lowderman.

McCormick says Lowderman used both campaign money and tax money to send letters to seniors about reducing property taxes. That practice is illegal in the state of Colorado. However, Lowderman says the letter is part of his job as assessor and his communication with this key voting block was never meant as a campaign move.

Lowderman says it's a coincidence the letters arrived in the mail on the same day as mail- in ballots for this month's primary.
McCormick accuses Lowderman of trying to buy votes.

"With the recent scandal of Sheriff Terry Maketa, we don't need anymore scandals," McCormick said. "We need people with integrity and honor to run our county government because people distrust all this that's going on."

"This is business as usual in the Assessor's office," Lowderman responded. And part of that business is to correspond with our citizens and seniors are an important part of that."

Lowderman insists he did nothing wrong. The primary is set for June 24.

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