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El Paso County commissioners unanimously support sheriff term limit reduction

Sheriff term limit reduction

Colorado Springs, Colo. - As a growing number of people sign the petition to recall El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa right at the end of his final term, El Paso County commissioners push to lower term limits for county sheriff from three down to two.

County commissioners can only serve at most two terms.

"You run into problems when you have elected offices that can essentially stick around longer than the actual Board of County commissioners," Commissioner Darryl Glenn said. "So, we kind of serve as a check and balance to each other."

In 2006, voters approved raising the sheriff's number of terms to three by less than 1,000 votes.

Eight years later, El Paso County's next sheriff, Bill Elder believes voters will change their minds. The Deputy Police Chief in Fountain supports a two-term limit.

"Most police agencies keep their chiefs anywhere from four to seven years and the turnover creates change in the agency that provides for a fresh start," Elder said. "I believe the sheriff's office shouldn't be any different."

Walt Scully worked in the EPSO for more than a quarter century. The former sheriff's deputy wants Maketa recalled and Scully backs the term limit reduction.

"It's the right thing to do," Scully said. "I just feel 12 years is too long for any political entity to be in office. Eight years is enough."

If the motion to reduce term limits survives a second public hearing in early September, it will be on the ballot November 4.

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