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El Paso County man dies from the flu

Man Dies From Flu

SECURITY-WIDEFIELD, Colo. - An El Paso County man dies from the flu, and now loved ones are asking themselves how it could happen to someone so young.

Lance Money was in his early 20s, and Saturday his family announced his death via his Facebook page. Friends wrote about their shock and sent condolences to the family. Some friends even wrote about plans they had to meet with Money later this year.

It is unclear if Money suffered from other health problems prior to becoming ill with the flu.

Doctors at Premier Urgent Care said it is rare for healthy young adults to die from the flu, but it is not unheard of.

"Even though this is rare and doesn't happen very often, it does happen where healthy young people can all of a sudden die because of the flu. That is why we get so worried about it," said Doctor John Torres.

Healthcare Professionals also said it is generally pretty obvious when someone might have the flu, and that one should only wait 24 hours to get medical help.

"I tell people all the time, it's like someone took a light switch and turned it on. You go from feeling kind of a little under the weather to all of a sudden, you feel like you got hit by a truck," said Torres.

If symptoms don't get better after 24 hours, it is recommended patients go see a healthcare professional.

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