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El Paso County offers dental discount card

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Dental care is going to get a lot cheaper for some families in the Pikes Peak Region.

El Paso County Commissioners teamed up with National Association of Counties to start the Dental Discount Card Program.

A person would have to pay $59 a year or $6.95 per month to join the program and for families it is $10 more a year or two more dollars per month.

District 3 County Commissioner Sallie Clark said the program was started for residents of all ages.

"It's something that we think is important to provide this type of healthy attitude here in our Pikes Peak Region, and El Paso County to keep kids and adults healthy," the commissioner said.

The program covers root canals, crowns and other dental works.

People with the card can save anywhere from five to 50% for various dental procedures.

Commissioner Clark explains why it is so crucial.

"For someone who is underinsured or doesn't cover certain things in your insurance policy or some who might not have insurance at all and I think it is a great thing to provide to our citizens in El Paso County," the district 3 commissioner said.

The program is open to everybody.

To register or to find out if your dental office accepts the card click here.

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