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El Paso County repairs could cost nearly $2 million

El Paso County Faces Costly Repairs

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - El Paso County engineers' initial flood damage assessment shows it will cost nearly $1,850,000 million to repair roads and bridges damaged by the recent storms.

Here is the breakdown of the repairs needed and their approximate cost:

Old Stage Road: $800,000
Rock Creek Canyon Road: $250,000
Spruce Lane/Wind Dance Lane: $200,000
Paseo Corto: $250,000
Academy Bridges: $250,000
Golden Lane Bridge: $100,000

El Paso County engineer Andre Brackin said the county set aside $1 million for emergencies, but that only covers half of what they need.

"We did not prepare for this. We don't have funding for it," he said. "Where the money's going to come from is really unknown at this point. All we have is our budget to work from."

Engineers aren't currently working on the Academy Bridges, but they're keeping a close eye on them. According to a release from El Paso County, "scour is increasing at the foundations of these structures causing concern for a potential catastrophic failure."

Brackin said the failure would be catastrophic because of how busy the bridges are. Around 40,000 vehicles drive across them every day. He said they have set aside money to repair the bridges, but the repairs won't happen for a few years. For now, Brackin said they are safe to drive across.

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