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El Paso County taxpayers could wind up paying for two undersheriffs

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - El Paso County taxpayers could wind up paying for two undersheriffs if Undersheriff Paula Presley does not return to work within 30 days.

On Thursday, KRDO NewsChannel 13 broke the news that Presley is on sick leave after a source told us Presley was seen clearing out her office.

Bureau Chief Al Harmon is serving as acting undersheriff in Presley's absence.

Presley makes $118,000 a year. If she is gone for more than 30 days, Harmon will also start earning $118,000 a year.

Sheriff Terry Maketa makes $111,000 a year.

Presley is a 28-year veteran of the sheriff's office. She has 36 weeks of sick time available, which is more than enough to remain on sick leave through the end of Maketa's term in January.

Maketa is accused of having inappropriate relationships with Presley and two other women in the office and promoting them to positions they didn't earn.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 learned Friday that one of the other women involved in the controversy has applied for a promotion.

This week, Dispatch Trainer Tiffany Huntz applied for and interviewed for the position of Communications Manager.

If she gets the job, Huntz will make between $82,000 and $91,000 each year.

Huntz is one of six internal candidates who applied for the position.  The candidates will be narrowed down through a selection process and the sheriff will ultimately decide on the remaining candidates.  A spokesperson says that decision has not been made.

That same sheriff's office spokesperson reiterated Friday that Maketa has no intention of resigning despite a call to do so from El Paso County commissioners.

Because Maketa is an elected official, he can be recalled, but he cannot be fired.

Lt. Jeff Kramer with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office assured that the community should continue to trust Maketa and that operations are running smoothly at the Sheriff's Office.

"We're gonna make sure that the jobs are getting done and certainly the public can have the trust that we're gonna respond quickly and efficiently," Kramer said.

Kramer also pointed out a multitude of accomplishments from various departments at Sheriff's Office over the past several weeks.

"You just look across the board, these people are coming to work and doing a very good job," Kramer said.

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