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Election winners and losers reflect on newly elected city council

Election winners and losers reflect on newly elected city council

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs voters opted to elect new leaders over incumbents in Tuesday night's election. Four incumbents ran in the election and Tuesday's totals put those four out of office.

Six new leaders will be sworn in with three previously-elected council members on April 16. 

"I was beat like a drum and it was very disappointing," said former councilman Tim Leigh.

It's not the first time voters decided to change things. Richard Skorman, former mayor candidate, pointed to election results in 2003 and 2011. In both elections, voters opted to change things instead of re-elect incumbents.

"I think it was a sad day for the city yesterday," said Leigh. "I think we lost a lot of institutional knowledge and it took a couple years to get up to speed."

District 1 winner Don Knight disagrees. He says the newly elected members have done their homework.  Knight beat Leigh with more than 55 percent of the vote.

Leigh reflected on voter attitudes leading into the race.

"I think there was a real anti-council sentiment, anti-incumbent sentiment," said Leigh. "We probably argued amongst ourselves too much in the public space but we were actually a pretty effective council."

Knight thinks the new council will take a different approach.

"Unless you work together, you are going to continue to have fraction and we were stagnated as a city because we were divided too.  This is going to be a fresh start," said Knight.

Thirty-nine percent of voters turned out for the election.

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