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Elementary school girls caught with weed in Pueblo

Three Pueblo elementary school girls caught with pot

PUEBLO, Colo. - Three girls not even out of elementary school yet have been cited for drug possession in Pueblo.

According to police it happened at Ben Franklin Elementary School in late January.

There's no indication they smoked marijuana at school, said police. One girl told the school resource officer investigating the case that she brought it from home because "it's legal and it's cool."

No letter explaining the situation has been sent out by the school district or school leaders. Pueblo police said that shouldn't come as a surprise.

"We comment on the criminal stuff and the school district usually comments on the punishment or the school aspect of it so I really can't say what they are to do or what they should put out," said Sgt. Eric Gonzales, of the Pueblo Police Department.

When asked to comment for the story, a spokesman for School District 60 called the incident sad but did not discuss any punishment for the girls.

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