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Ellicott gas station sells winning Powerball

Ellicott Powerball winner

ELLICOTT, Colo - There isn't a stoplight in Ellicott, population 1,131.  But someone is glad they stopped at the Fuel B's.

"Whoever it is is pretty darn lucky," said Marna Booker who owns the convenience store with her husband.

Someone bought a Powerball and matched five numbers.  With the Power Play, that ticket is worth $2-million dollars.

Booker said her daughter told her the news over the phone.

"Goose bumps and tears…and I didn't win it!" Booker said.

Booker is the third-generation in her family to run a gas station in Ellicott.  The largest Powerball ticket she's sold before was for 5-thousad dollars.

"It was to a kid who grew up in the house that used to be next door," Booker said.

So far the new millionaire hasn't stepped forward to claim their prize.  The Fuel B's will get a check for 3-thousand dollars for selling the ticket.

"I'm looking at our asphalt to kind of keep the asphalt from further deteriorating, but yeah we probably need to have a party," Booker said.

The numbers were drawn last night.
They are 05, 25, 30, 58, 59 and Powerball 32.

The big $448 million dollar jackpot will be split three ways.  One winner is from New Jersey and two are from Minnesota.

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