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Twitter to help rescue workers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Tweets that will save your life.

Twitter is partnering up with more than 100 rescue services in the US to give more exposure to informing about disasters.

"During a time of crisis there is probably no better or important time to receive information," El Paso County Lieutenant Jeff Kramer said.

Eight Colorado government agencies are participating in the Twitter Alert program. 

How the program works is a participating agency tweets out their emergency, and people who are signed up for the agency's notifications receive an alert about what the emergency is.

"That's where I get my information," Keith Willshau said. 

He uses Twitter as a news source.

"With the floods three weeks ago, my phone did blow up all night," Willshau said.

He feels that even though he receives a lot of messages about emergencies, he knows it is for his safety.

"I can appreciate for what the value is," he said.

Kramer welcomes the help since his office is already Twitter friendly, the alerts will allow his tweets to fly out quicker. 

"That's just one more tool, if you will, that were able to employ and their able to take advantage of," Kramer said.

For a listing of participating agencies look for Twitter Alert Organizations under links we mention.

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