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End of robbing spree relieves Puebloans

End of robbing spree relieves Puebloans

PUEBLO, Colo. - There's a sense of calm among business owners in Pueblo after a suspected serial robber is locked up. Detectives say they have linked 25-year-old Alfred Montano to 11 armed robberies in Pueblo.

In a 19-page affidavit, more information is being released about Montano and the victims he's accused of robbing at gunpoint, including Elaine Mascarenas.

"He left and told me don't come by the door cause I might shoot you," recalled Mascarenas, assistant manager of Smoker Friendly.

That was the night of Jan. 2. Mascarenas was working at Smoker Friendly on south Pueblo Boulevard when a gunman came into the store, demanding money. It took police more than two weeks after this robbery to arrest a suspect.

"I'm really happy that they caught him," said Mascarenas. "I just felt like a big ball came out of my chest."

Surveillance video shows what investigators believe is Montano and his girlfriend walking into the store about 30 minutes before they say Montano came back to rob it.

"We're aware of one video where they were in the store prior to the robbery. Continually, the detectives are looking at it because they're gonna have to review some tapes on most of them now to see if they were in the stores before those robberies or after," said Sgt. Eric Gonzales, with the Pueblo Police Department.

Mascarenas began working at the store just four months ago. Now that police have a suspect behind bars, she says she's not scared, just more alert.

"God answered my prayers. I thank him every day for me still being here cause I have kids and they still need me," Mascarenas said.

Police say Montano stole about $2,000 during those 11 robberies. He's in jail on a $1 million bond.

Police are still investigating to find out if other people are involved in the robberies. Those who have information are asked to call police at 542-STOP.

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