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Engineers' plan for Fountain Creek on the way

Manitou Springs flooding on El Paso Boulevard

Engineers' plan for Fountain Creek on the way

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Engineers should have a plan in about two weeks to help people protect their homes and businesses along Fountain Creek. They could use that help as quickly as possible.

Residents at the Creekwalk Apartments can't live on the first floor now, but they're still digging to keep away more water from rushing in.

It's been more than a week since a storm tore through Colorado - the day Manitou Springs didn't experience flooding.

However, the debris and water has since pushed its way down Fountain Creek.

"When you just dig down, you'll hit water," said Creekwalk Apartments resident Viki Sheehan.

Creekwalk Apartments on El Paso Boulevard was still flooding on Sunday (9/22/13).

"We've been wading through the water for the last four or five days," said resident Ruth Wolteman.

"All of a sudden we have seven feet of sediment in our river bank," said owner Astrid.

"What used to be a seven foot drop, now that's less than two feet," said Sheehan.

Sheehan has only lived at Creekwalk Apartments for six months, but it's a place already close to heart.

"I just kept thinking if I helped, maybe they could come back, but they're not going to come back. And now I'm going to leave," she said.

Concrete blocks are trying to prevent more water from flooding the apartment, but residents aren't convinced it will help in the long run.

"If it floods, that water will be so strong...  It'll lift that stuff up," said Sheehan referring to concrete barriers.

Next time it rains, the water will take stuff down to the neighbors below, said Manitou Springs Flood Coalition chairman Curt Heimsoth.

"It's slowly creeping its way down from the fire area," he said.

Heimsoth says until engineers finish assessing the fountain creek corridor, we won't know what the best band-aid approaches are for the short term.

Astrid has two big questions.

"Is this something that can remain safe? Can it be rebuilt?"

For now, they're asking for help.

 "This has been going on all summer and I'm just tired," said Sheehan.

Once engineers have a plan, hopefully residents can work effectively to prevent more flooding. Newschannel 13 will let you when we hear about that plan in a couple weeks. 

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