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EPC commissioner denies insulting sheriff's wife

Peggy Littleton accused of posting negative comments about Vicki Maketa

EPC Commissioner at Center of Online Controversy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The ongoing scandal involving El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa took a nasty turn Friday, as his wife and a county commissioner were believed to have traded insults in an online comment section.

Commissioner Peggy Littleton denied being involved in the apparent squabbling, saying the insults came from two posts by someone who hacked into her Facebook account.

"I did not post whatever it was on Facebook.  I actually haven't even read it," said Littleton, who was the first to publicly call for Maketa to resign.

Maketa's wife, Vicki, denied a request from KRDO NewsChannel 13 to confirm whether she had posted a response to the alleged posts by Littleton.

The posts appeared late Thursday night in the comment section of an article in the Colorado Springs Gazette.  In the article, Vicki Maketa defended her husband against the investigation into whether he committed wrongdoing in his office.

The two posts attributed to Littleton stated:

"Contact TESSA (the local domestic violence agency), they are a credible resource..." and "Can she look up NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) in the psychological disorders?  God bless Vicki, she is a good woman."

The post attributed to Vicki Maketa reads as follows:

"Peggy, I'd suggest, as a commissioner, you might want to keep your trap shut.  The attorneys will appreciate it.  But thanks for this, I'll document it with the rest of what's in my Peggy file."

The three posts have since been removed from the Gazette's page.  Many online comment sections require people to have accounts with Facebook or provide identification before submitting posts.

Littleton posted an explanation that she's not to blame because someone hacked into her Facebook account.  She said she'll contact Facebook about how the hacking may have happened and prevent it from occurring again.

Several dozen people responded to the original posts, turning the comment section into a debate about Sheriff Maketa's guilt or innocence. 

Littleton said she understands that people  may be skeptical of her explanation, especially after some Facebook posts criticized her perceived involvement.

"It makes me really sad that there would be somebody malicious enough out there, who would want to use my reputation, which I value, it's like gold to me, to try to harm someone else," she said.  "I would say shame on them."

Littleton also said she'd be willing to reach out to Vicki Maketa, if necessary.

"I certainly wouldn't mind contacting Vicki and just telling her that I certainly would never say anything that would intentionally hurt or wound her," Littleton said.  "I have built a lot of trust in our community, and I think it was very nice of people to call me and say that didn't sound like me.  I wouldn't have said something like that."

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